Millennials, is it True? Working hard is not your Top Priority in Life?

April 4, 2010

Millennials, is it true? Working hard is not your top priority in life?

I just read the Pew Research report on the Millennials.  The workplace today is quite a challenge on so many levels and incorporating the newest generation of employees appears to be most challenging.

The Millennials may not consider their job the most important element of their lives but a strong alignment of core values could draw them into your workforce with an engagement level that would benefit all!  But you would have to acknowledge their lifestyle choices.  Parenting (although only 1 in five are married) is their top priority followed by having a successful marriage.

Could you as an employer truly create an environment of  work-life balance?   Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 Best Companies to Work For measures this attribute as signficant in identifying these top-notch companies. Perhaps you feel you have already addressed this issue, but in our multi-generational workforce, an improvement in balancing work and family may not meet the needs of this group. 

To be realistic, as the Silent Generation continues to retire, and the Boomers work on until they can’t anymore, you are going to be hiring the Millennials. So why not begin to address what makes them tick, how your company can attract and retain them, and how alignment of core values can create a powerful and winning situation for all involved.

Let’s take a poll.  If you are a Millennial (18-29 years old only), please share your top priority in life.


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