Let’s Give Thanks for Social Media

November 22, 2009

Here it is, Thanksgiving, and it is time to reflect on what we are thankful for this past year.  I could share with you how my heart is full of love for my family and friends, because it is.  But it is more appropriate for me to share with you what I give thanks for on a professional level.   This year I want to reflect on how truly thankful I am for the web evolution and revolution.

I am thankful that there are groups on Twitter and on LinkedIn that connect me with like-minded professionals, asking and answering questions that help me grow.  I am thankful that subject matter experts are providing free webinars to share knowledge on social media, marketing, and networks that increase my ability to benefit from Web 2.0 and that allows me to share this new knowledge with clients; we play it forward and that is a really great gift.  I am thankful that conversations happen constantly on web sites and I can make better product choices prior to a purchase.  And I am thankful that restaurant reviews can make my dining experience more tasteful than tacky.

Yes, the new web works for me.  I am in touch with family and friends far and near through Facebook, I am up to date in real-time on what’s happening around the globe through Twitter and based on my research, it is only going to get better.

Open sourcing is allowing companies like Google to improve new products before they come to market.  Just visit the next evolution of Internet interaction at Google, entitled “Wave.” 

And I am thankful for competition and how it drives innovation.  Today Apple’s iPhone is the benchmark for smartphones, and all hand-held technology.  According to PC World, Apple has approved over 100,000 apps and I am thankful that almost 20,000 of them are free.  But wait, there’s more.  We are the recipient of better products because competition is healthy, and Joe Wilcox, from Betanews is predicting that Google’s Android will take the top stop in mobile devices in 2012. Imagine that!

How many of us could have predicted we would be in virtual conversations and in virtual communities 10 years ago?  I am thankful for creativity and thankful for progress.

Here are just some of my favorite sites and sources (in alpha order) of which I am thankful.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  Share your thoughts and hopes for social media’s future and what you appreciate about it today. Share your thoughts and thanks by leaving a comment. And thank you for reading my blogs.


Eileen Weisman is a communication strategist, an on-going student of social media, a good listener, a walker, a recycling expert, a dog lover, and a mother of the bride (read previous posts to learn more). Contact The W Group to discuss opportunities for improving the listening environment within your company or organization.


5 Responses to “Let’s Give Thanks for Social Media”

  1. Leonard E. Stretch Says:

    We are thankful for your efforts to enlighten us about Web 2.0. Thank you.

  2. Joseph Wexler Says:

    Thankfull for having what I have and not missing what I don’t. Will have Thanksgiving Dinner in a Hotel with a group of US Contractors living on the edge of the Desert here in Qatar. My favorite new technology is Skype so I can make affordable calls home ($.02 vs. $2.30 per minure).

    • Skype is terrific! I forgot to put that on my list of favorites. I am sure you know that Skype to Skype is free which is even better than .02 a minute.

      Enjoy your non-traditional/traditional Thanksgiving. I am just pleased you are able to celebrate. Sometimes it is difficult to get a real turkey when you are overseas. For some reason they are not very popular in their full form over there.

  3. shelley roth Says:

    Hi Eileen, nice to meet you. I am in Houston with my business and I started doing workshops on Social Media for business. As a teacher and business junkie, it was the perfect storm, social media. I now am focused on Facebook for Business, and LinkedIn. Check me out. Maybe we should connect and see how we can work together. I do strategy work, however, prefer the training side of the house. Happy Chanukah! early

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