Social Media – Know How

November 10, 2009

I am curious as to how you read the title. Did you mentally put a question mark at the end, or did you feel the excitement of an exclamation point!

Exclamation Point for Me!

If you read the title with an exclamation point was that because you are competent enough to be a “coach” to others, because you are “in the know” on how to use social media for a variety of purposes, and you are “in the know” on places to go, people to listen to regarding getting the most from social media.

Question Mark for Me!

And if you are in the question mark group, perhaps you are one of many who are struggling to understand social media. Asking questions like should I be engaging in social networking, or committing more time to online communities. Maybe you are wondering if there are really benefits to using it for your business. And maybe, just maybe, you are trying to put your arms around how to learn to use this new technology.

It’s All About the Conversation!

Whether you felt an exclamation point or you were hoping for a lesson on social media because of your questioning of this new world, here is the root of social media. It’s all in the conversation. I am challenging you, whichever side of the fence you are on, to join in conversation. Share your favorite websites, LinkedIn groups, people to follow on Twitter, etc. that have helped you grow in your knowledge on social media. For those of you wanting to join in but didn’t have anyone to ask, here is your chance! Post your questions. Let’s start talking about what works, what doesn’t, and try to help each other out by breaking down the barrier to social networking.

One request: please post your comments on this WordPress blog site where it asks you to “leave a comment/reply.”

It will be much easier to follow the conversations if they are all in one place.

Eileen Weisman is a communication strategist, an on-going student of social media, good listener, a walker, a recycling expert, a dog lover, and a mother of the bride (read previous posts to learn more). Contact The W Group to discuss opportunities for improving the listening environment within your company or organization


9 Responses to “Social Media – Know How”

  1. Eli Says:

    Exclamation point!!!

  2. One of my favorite resources is “Social Media Today, ” a group on Linkedin.

  3. I love how you got me engaged — doing that which you are exploring. that’s the best way to learn!
    I enjoy observing and emulating how different people use Facebook to engage attention and interactions.

  4. inkandvoice Says:

    Thanks for the outside link. It was my computer.

    As a journalist and faculty of journalism, there are various degrees of thought on this one. Heds (I am sorry, Headings) can break the rules concerning the dotted line.

    There are times, though I remain convinced only a few, that the exclamation is proper but only in the heading. It really depends on he editor and author, and the direction of the article. In this case, all three punctuations would be acceptable, but none are required.

    I suggest to my students (strongly, I might add) to leave closing punctuation out of the hed. They are not needed. Allow the article to speak for itself.

    • I enjoyed your academic response! My intention was for a gut reaction to the hed.

      Social media is exciting, with a sense of curiosity to many, and yet there is still quite a critical mass who question its purpose and validity.

  5. Ann Manion Says:

    No punctuation, lose the dash.

    Book Recommendations: I recommend books by social media knowledge leader Larry Weber of W2 Group. His book “Marketing to the Social Web”, and his most recent “Sticks and Stones” [] are excellent. I appreciate his emphasis on the importance of companies building Reputation Equity, which he discusses in his latest book.

    I also suggest “Groundswell- Winning in a world transformed by Social Technologies” by Li and Bernoff of Forrester Research. Includes lots of consumer data, case studies and the importance of linking business objectives to social media initiatives. it also touches on the ROI of social media which other books miss.

    Thanks for the Linked In group suggestion.

  6. Larry Says:

    Fantastic blog. Love it!!!

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