Tips from a Dog Lover on How to Improve Your Business

August 30, 2009

 Or If Only Managers Invested the Same Amount of Time in their People as they do their Pets

I am a dog person, I love all dogs but I especially love dachshunds.  I have had a dachshund in my life since I was sixteen. Schnitzel, Greta, Hershel, Stretch, and Little Girl have filled my life for over 40 years with love, licks, and lots of other antics.  And now we have granddogs.  Chica is a dachchuahua—half doxie, and half Chihuahua, Saba is a black lab, and we had a princess named Pandy, an English bulldog who recently traveled to doggie heaven.  Our family just enjoys the company of these critters.

Imagine if you worked with dogs, not people. Imagine if you had to manage dogs at your workplace, not people. Imagine if people were more like dog. Would you be a better boss?

Here are some tips offered by a die-hard dog lover on how to improve your business from a dog owner’s mentality.      fireplace


If you were getting a dog you would learn about the breed and make sure it was a good fit with your family. 

Before you bring someone into your company, do your homework.   Review the resume, interview thoroughly, do a background check, and have someone else interview the person—see if you both agree it is a good fit for your business.   


Get the house ready for the new pet! Create a space they can call their own.

Get your business ready for your new employee.  Let them know there is a place just for them; it might only be a locker, but they should feel welcomed.  Have a strong on-boarding process!  Create a solid on-boarding process that encompasses a welcoming first day, and a 90-day probation period.  Give employees time to learn the company’s culture, train them on the job, and be sure to meet with them regularly to ensure they feel comfortable in their new environment.         


Tell me, you don’t expect to house train your dog in one day!  Get real!

Training, training, training. It all starts with good training.  How much time to you invest in training your staff?  Do you have a mentor program, an allowance for professional development, a commitment to a specific number of hours annually for improving oneself?


Now I am not suggesting that every time you arrive at work, everyone should run to greet you.

But if you create a sense of loyalty to your associates they will return the affection by caring about the company, which can translate into improving your bottom line.  Engage your workforce, and you will benefit from their commitment to you.

There are more comparisons but this should get you thinking about cross-overs from your personal life to your professional world. And I hope this leaves you with a smile on your face, or with your tail wagging!

Tell me about your pet and how s/he would fit in at your workplace. Would s/he be  the CEO, a manager, supervisor, or hourly employee?  And please forward or tweet this blog to your dog-loving friends! These responses will be a blast to read!

Eileen Weisman is a communication strategist, and dog lover!  Her company, The W Group helps clients create messages that are visible, heard, and understood!


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