Passion…..with a Twist!

June 30, 2009

thumbnail logoNo I am not getting kinky with you and if that is what you expect, visit someone else’s blog. This is about our new Internet; Web 2.0. The new web is full of passion, passionate people who are ready, willing and anxious to share their opinions, photos, videos, and responses to just about anything.

I attended a seminar the other day facilitated by Ed Schipul, and he talked about this new passion. I was impressed enough to dedicate this blog to how that passion can translate into helping you as a consumer, a business person, an employee, or just as a means to stay connected.

Let’s start with the “stay connected” because that applies to everyone! Whether you are on Facebook, blogging, creating YouTube videos, your goal is to find others who enjoy the same topic, right? You are looking for feedback/comments to see the reaction to your entry. Maybe you are reacting to a news article and you are sharing it. Why? Because you have some passion around the topic and that caused you to share it on the web. If you are not the content owner of the original post, you are probably searching for something, maybe a product review, maybe a discussion on a current event, or maybe you just need to stay in touch. All of those scenarios solicit a desire–a desire to learn, a desire to react, a desire to connect.

Even mainstream media (I am not sure I can call it that anymore) such as USA Today runs articles regularly about social media. “Businesses are beefing up direct communications with customers through social media tools. Communication technology has helped companies quickly, and inexpensively responds to customer complaints, answer questions, and tailor products and services.“1  But let’s be perfectly clear, they are not replacing customer service , they are using social media to enhance their customer service and be able to respond quickly to negative experiences in the hope to turn it around quickly and positively.

So if you are writing on the web, or you tweet, or you blog, I want you to be passionate about your topic; be certain your comments are relevant to your audience, always remember to share your resources (thanks, Ed Schipul), and try to be helpful. And if you are using social media for internal communications be certain your employees can find motivation in your words, and it supports your internal branding messages. Again, if you are passionate it will resonate with the reader.

And I guess I must be passionate about sharing what I learn because that’s what motivates me to write these blogs. Since one of the many virtues I continue to preach is honesty I’ll come clean. I like sharing ideas I believe in passionately, and if it can help one person with their business, or one person with how to make a decision, then I have been successful.

What are you passionate about and are you sharing that passion?

Eileen Weisman is a communication strategist at The W Group, who helps her clients create messages that are visible, heard, and understood! You can improve your bottom line by improving your communications.


1 USA Today, June 25, 2009 by Jon Swartz


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